Zhidey Bhutan and Tours and Treks was founded by Jurmey Tshewang and Aoki Kaoru. The company is a manifestation of their desire to share the beauty of Bhutan and her people with the rest of the world.

Zhidey Bhutan and Tours and Treks has hosted guests from all parts of the world. Our ability to show you the intrinsic splendor and beauty of Bhutan has placed us in the top ranks of the Bhutanese tourism realm.

From relaxing stays in the bucolic villages to filming in the high altitude regions of Bhutan, Zhidey Bhutan and Tours and Treks has acquired unrivaled experience and expertise to cater to your travel needs.

Zhidey Bbutan and Tours and Treks is a licensed tour operator and a founding member of the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators.

Come discover happiness.

A message from our CEO on SUSTAINABILITY

We number less than a million.  We are a tiny nation sandwiched between two big countries. We are landlocked and surrounded by mountains. As an eminent American broadcaster observed, the mountains in Bhutan isolate but do not imprison. The mountains are our homes and also the abode of our deities. They are our songs. They are our water towers. Our lush valleys have nourished generations of Bhutanese. Our clean rivers have quenched our thirst and nourished our paddy fields and flowers. Our forests have served as sanctuaries for our wild friends and ferns. Our birds have sung songs of joy and sadness, birth and death, spring and winter. Our crisp air has carried messages of love and compassion for eons. It is because of the air that our prayer flags flutter producing notes that calm and soothe the tired and the weary travellers. Our sky above has remained blue and has nourished the poet, the seeker and the mother in us.

In doing so, we are fully aware that the natural heritage that we possess today has been passed down to us by our forefathers and parents.

The Zhidey team is constantly looking at ways to tackle the emerging environmental challenges brought forth by consumerism, growth, urbanization and increase in the number of tourists.

The onus is now on us to ensure sustainability. Zhidey Bhutan is pleased to share that we have expanded our team to boost our sustainability drive. Tshewang Dendup, a UC Berkeley trained broadcast journalist, laid the foundation of Bhutan’s leading sustainability civil society project, The Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative. With almost four years of experience in the field of organic farming, zero waste, appropriate technology and youth engagement, Tshewang brings the much valued grassroots experience and expertise to the Zhidey team and sustainable travel drive.